Wednesday, November 11, 2015

HLI - 11/9 and 11/10

Monday's class covered the following muscles.

  • trapezius
  • leveter scapulae
  • rhomboids (major and minor). 

You're going to want to know the following.

  • Origin
  • Insertion
  • Action (in the case of a muscle like trapezius which has an upper, middle and lower portion, you will want to know the action of each)
  • Nerve
  • Major blood vessels. 

All of this is listed in the muscle manual, as well as in your illustrated anatomy text. The following videos are good to reinforce the text-based information, and will show origin, insertion and action.


Leveter Scapulae




We also began to cover pathology. Sandy gave out a handout that covered things like handwashing and other hand care, care and sterilization of surfaces and equipment, laundry guidelines for fabrics used with clients (to reduce microbial populations). The handout was from "The Massage Therapist's Guide To Pathology" and if you missed it, she can get you a copy.

You will want to know and be able to correctly define the following terms:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Sterilization
  • Sanitation
  • Universal and standard precautions
  • the difference between plain soap, antimicrobial soap and alcohol based hand rubs

Swedish Massage:
No new segments, we reviewed and practiced the whole body, up to the back of the leg (prone).

Tuesday 11/10

Ethics - AM class: 
No ethics class, as we were finishing up Jan's candida assessments. But we still got homework!

chapters 4, 5 and 6,
complete the quizzes and hand those in.
Be prepared to discuss at our next Ethics class, Dec. 10

Candida assessment/Jan lecture:
Discussed the function of the thymus and t-cell production
further discussion of flukes and parasites and how to kill them
Discussed benefits of pro and pre-biotics
Discussed mineral depletion in fibromyalgia and supplementation of magnesium and calcium

Book recommendations:
The Yeast Connection - William Crook
The Food Pharmacy - Jean Carper

Reiki - PM class:
2nd level attunement, meditation, practice.


  • I added a new app for anatomy study - Visible Body - on the Study Resource guide page, check it out and buy it if you can. It's around $40 for the bundle and well worth it. 
  • I also created a Recommended Reading List based on book recommendations that we've been getting in class, and other books I've found on various subjects that are helpful - see tabs at top of page.