Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[HLI] CMT program - week 1 notes

9/14 notes:

First day! We introduced ourselves to each other and went over some basics about the class, what to expect, supplies needed, etc.  We also signed and acknowledged the class protocols .

Massage modality: Swedish
1. Overview of basic strokes in Swedish massage sequence.
2. Basic overview of anatomical definitions and terminology related to body locations and movement.
handouts: Ch. 1 pg 8/9
3. Basic Swedish massage sequence packet, full body broken down into sections.

1. Start making flash cards with terminology on handout, as well as terminology on pages 3 and 10 of Muscle Manual.

Demo/sequence learned: 
After lunch, Sandy demo'ed how to set up and adjust the height of a massage table. We then went over the basic Swedish massage stroke sequence on the foot.

9/15 notes:

Massage modality: Swedish
1. Some basics on the history of Swedish massage
2. Benefits of Swedish massage
3. Contra-indications and cautions
4. Best environment for performing massage, in terms of what works for the practitioner and the client.
5. The importance of a medical history, getting one and then checking in with client before each session.
6. Basic things therapists need to know - nail maintenance, hygienic hand-washing technique (yes, this is a thing), cleanliness and use of scents (don't wear perfumes, etc.).  What kinds of clothes to wear (comfort, professionalism, handy pockets for lotions, etc) when practicing.

1. Syllabi:
     a. CMT program overview
     b. health and hygiene
     c. contraindications, cautions, pathology and special populations
2. Brief history and massage basics (Ch. 2, pg. 11 - 13) (we reviewed this in full)
3. Hygienic handwashing (we reviewed this in full)
4. Basic anatomy and physiology (Ch. 3, pg. 15-16, Figure 17 A - F) (we didn't go over this, but we will soon so make sure you have it!)

250 word essay on Ling and Mezger, due 2 weeks from 9/15

Sandy reviewed the basic sequence for the foot, then moved up to the sequence for the anterior leg (client in a supine position), and also demonstrated appropriate draping techniques for working on those areas as well as helping the client on and off the table. We then paired off and practiced!

Useful stuff you might want to buy for yourself:
1. A set of scrubs (this is not mandatory yet but Jan said it might be soon, and it's good to get in the habit of wearing them, more professional). There's a Scrubs and Beyond store in Modesto, you can also find them online.
2. Index cards.
3. emery board or a nail file
4. lotion for your hands
5. nail brush for hand-washing (bring this to class if you don't want to share one in the bathroom)
6. A small bottle of hand sanitizer (we have this in class near the lotions)

Housekeeping and basic info:
1. SIGN IN each morning or you won't get credit for the hours you were in class.
2. There's a basket for your name-tags when you leave.
3. Wipe your table down with a baby wipe, before you fold it up after you use it in class.
4. Remember to take your sheets home to launder them, don't make someone walk up the stairs at school and do it for you!
5. Blankets and pillows are in the sheet room off the main classroom area, if you need them, but if you borrow a set of school sheets you need to take them home, wash them and return them freshly laundered.

CMT practice time is this week, 9/18 and the school is open from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm if you need to show up and get some practice in, but it is not mandatory. 

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